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How to Renew Certificate HGB Apartments

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How to Renew Certificate HGB Apartments Some people are still hesitant to buy an apartment. Especially, when it is associated with property rights, both land and buildings. Indeed, apartment and home treads are not much different in terms of legality. However, what makes the difference both, lies in the ownership of the land. If for […]

Boost Your Property Value with 5 Ideas of this Design When planning to sell the house, generally people will do renovations that aim to boost the selling price. But according to real estate experts, a little renovation, as long as appropriate, can also boost its value. This strategy, in addition to cheaper, because it requires […]

Economic Policy Package Volume 13: Save Up to 70 Percent! The Government has recently released the XIII Volume Economic Policy Package (PKE) which focuses on accelerating the provision of Housing for Low Income Communities (MBR). “This package of policies will certainly improve the access of the people to own a house,” said Coordinating Minister for […]

Learn about form of insurance provided in the Bank MORTGAGE The House is a valuable asset. If the House is on fire and the coincidence is not insured, not necessarily the owners can directly fix the House. Considering the repair/renovation costs that do not House a bit. Therefore, when the MORTGAGE or interview session before […]

Although the LRT and MRT Sluggish Completed, 2017 is the year Indonesia Property Sector Revival Jogi Harjudanto, head of Planning the structure and local Government of DKI Jakarta, said infrastructure development are urgent. And infrastructure development might slow his opinion as there are challenges still faced by local governments. But even so, a number of […]

Who would not want to get rich profits while investing? Yes, whoever the person will surely be tempted with the offer of investment that promises results berkali folding number. Sweet money then just sit back tens to hundreds of millions falling into her lap. But in fact, the sweet promises of no wind sheer heaven […]